Press Release & Bio Services

The first interaction that presenters, critics, and potential collaborators often have with your music is a press release or your bio. While not fair, writings that come off as boiler-plate, standard, “the usual”, or even half-assed and boring will unfortunately brandish your music the same way. Music so full of Truth, power, and soul demands to be presented with the same qualities, lest it be cast off and ignored.

“Marty Khan just gets my music. I’ve never worked with any other writer like him.”

Tapping into a love and life’s passion for crafting words, Marty Khan and Outward Visions are formally offering their press release and biography services to musicians. Khan draws on Outward Visions’ dense library of music and literature that he has personally cultivated for over 50 years. Combining the creative muse from his own work in fiction and deep, spiritual relationships with some of the most influential musicians in Jazz, he captures the music with finesse and seamlessly traps it on the page. So much so that reading about your album will be as experiential as listening to it, and the reader will be all the more excited to take that first listen.

“My bio actually makes me sound like a somebody. I didn’t realize how much I had done until Marty Khan put it into words.”

Once more, your life’s work is so much more than just a series of ensembles, gigs, and album releases. A bio is simply not a bio without vision, subtlety, volatility, and story! After reading your bio, one should not simply “get the gist”, but really know you as an artist and have gained a respect for and even a stake in your work; a desire to share your story with others. This is what Khan accomplishes with his words.

If you are interested in collaborating with Outward Visions on your next press release or a significant improvement in your verbal image, please send all inquiries to