Music Business Consulting Launch

Let’s face it.

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably a musician or industry professional of some type, just like me.  You can probably attest to the difficulty of it as well as I can: it’s not that easy.  With this industry that constantly changing, tips and tricks rise and fall like tides in the ocean.  It seems like the latest online marketing strategy will only work until everyone jumps on it and marginalizes it’s value.  But there have to be core business strategies that work with and without technology right?

Yes.  There are.  But what are they? I have a bachelor’s degree in business and I wouldn’t say I have a good grasp on the ones that apply to the music industry.  And how are we supposed to know which are lasting, long-term strategies and which are fleeting tips and tricks?

I was asking the same questions until I met Marty Khan.  Marty is a veteran of the music industry, with a specialty in the inner-workings of the business of Jazz.  Through Marty’s teaching and advising, I’ve been able to carve out sound strategies and concept that move me, my musicians, and my organization forward without wasting my time.  But don’t take it from me, there are plenty of others who agree, and most of them are much further along in their careers than I.

Thankfully, Outward Visions has opened the doors to its previously-private consulting program.  Though the program is still limited to a small number of participants and may spawn a small waiting list, the value of personal interaction and attention given to you by Marty will far outweigh any number of consultants who lump you in with their other 1,000 clients.

The consulting program allows for consistent meetings over multiple months in order to shape and revise a creative strategy built on your needs, goals, skills, and advantages.  Additionally, Outward Visions is allowing anyone the option to “test run” a single consulting session for an hourly rate.

Enjoy a more efficient path to career growth, courtesy of Marty Khan and Outward Visions.

Consulting Package

Single Consults


Kyle Wilson
Executive Director of Artist Sync, Inc.
Marketing Director for Outward Visions
Recording Engineer

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