Mission Statement

Outward Visions, Inc. is a not-for-profit arts and education service organization founded in 1976 and incorporated in 1980. The common thread that connects the various artistic endeavors to which Outward Visions is committed is the intensity of the human spirit involved and the Artist’s desire and need to expand the potential and awareness of the audience as well as the Artist. The main purposes of this organization are threefold:

1. to increase creative, educational and performance opportunities for innovative Artists
who share this spirit; with a particular focus on those who express themselves
in the profound art of jazz;

2. to increase public awareness and recognition of these Artists;

3. to document and collect works that represent these ideals.

We also feel that it is important for the artist to develop a firm grasp of the business aspects of the Arts in order to establish an economic viability in his or her art form. This allows the artist to function without a total dependence upon funding from federal and state agencies or the private sector; plus, it forces the artist to maintain a strong focus on the relationship with the audience, the ultimate recipient of the results of the creative process.

The steadfast commitment to the power of spiritual enlightenment and development of human potential through the Arts, coupled with a creative, responsible and professional approach to business has allowed Outward Visions to become a highly respected and extremely effective organization with many extraordinary accomplishments in its 31-year history.