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Outward Visions is now offering a special consulting program with Marty Khan, arts business expert, visionary, and co-founder of Outward Visions, Inc. His book Straight Ahead: A Comprehensive Guide to the Business of Jazz (Without Sacrificing Dignity or Artistic Integrity) offers profoundly valuable insights and information not only in the world of Jazz, but in all of the performing arts and related fields.

The consulting program was developed specifically for artists who aspire to the highest levels of musical expression within a solid economic framework; but is also available to arts professionals with similar aspirations.

The focus of these consultations is geared toward the development of the following elements:

  • a strategic  plan of action specifically tailored to the strengths and goals of each client
  • innovative ways of developing career opportunities and recognizing existing ones
  • establishing a cohesive structure that integrates the various components required for career development (e.g., non-profit organizations, collectives, etc.)
  • renewed energy and motivation for achieving one’s highest aspirations
  • developing a creative and integrated way of thinking in order to best confront the challenges of transforming artistry into revenue

Consulting Options

As described by Marty Khan

  • Individual one-hour consults which can be broken into two separate conversations. This will provide a good overview of what you can put into action. It’s best if I receive a document with a clear a sense of what you are doing now and what you are trying to get in motion prior to our conversation. I cannot assist you with direct booking or help you get an agent or manager. However, I can give you a clear-cut idea of the methodology that could be helpful to you in these areas.


  • 5 Hour Packages.  These can cover any career related topic and can be renewed. Two of the most popular are:
    • Guiding you through the setting up of the a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, which I feel is the best business structure for a musician/composer and/or educator. My consultancy insures that this is done with the most flexible, efficient and manageable structure possible to provide the best application for your goals and purposes. However, I am not a fundraiser and I don’t fill the Development Director slot. I see the c3 as a mechanism for good business applications rather than a heavy focus on grants – which to me are the gravy in the situation.
    • Laying the foundation of a strategic plan for your career and related activities if setting up a c3 is not of interest to you.
  • Ongoing Monthly Package with a minimum commitment of three months (paid the first of each month).  This would be appropriate for larger scale strategic career development. (Please note: this package is subject to availability).
    • The advantage of this arrangement – besides reducing the hourly rate –  is that it creates a context of higher focus and efficiency as there is an inherent rhythm to the interaction. This is the most productive approach for someone who is ready, willing and able to make use of a strategic plan for their career and put it into high gear with consistent application. The consultancy can also extend to team members or anyone who is in the picture on the artist’s behalf.
    • Generally this structure works out as two phoners per month on a  bi-weekly basis, with any time remaining for e-mail follow-up for specific issues.
    • A complimentary e-book copy of my business book Straight Ahead – A Comprehensive Guide to the Business of Jazz (Without Sacrificing Dignity or Artistic Integrity) will be provided, which helps keep the hours under control as I can refer you to the appropriate part of the book rather than eating up time on the clock (when applicable).

With regard to all available consults, I recommend purchasing my book Straight Ahead… which is available in hard copy and e-book prior to our first conversation. It’s the most cost-effective way of getting a lot of my information so we can concentrate on specifics when we speak.

Please contact us regarding consulting rates.

All consulting fees are payable in advance

If you think you could benefit from this program or need more information please e-mail us at or call Helene Cann at 520 743 3240.

For testimonials about the value of what Marty has to offer from present and former clients, educators and music business professionals, click here.

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